What is Your Parenting Style? Take the Quiz to Find Out!👪

What is Your Parenting Style?
Parenting style refers to the approach that parents use to raise their children. It can have a significant impact on a child's development, behavior, and overall wellbeing. There are four main parenting styles, each with its own unique characteristics and strategies. In this post, we will explore what parenting style is and provide a quiz to help you determine which style you belong to.
The Four Main Parenting Styles:
1. Authoritarian - Authoritarian parents are strict, controlling, and demand obedience from their children. They prioritize discipline and punishment over communication and nurturing.
2. Permissive - Permissive parents are lenient, non-demanding, and avoid setting limits or imposing rules. They prioritize their child's happiness and may be more of a friend than an authority figure.
3. Authoritative - Authoritative parents are nurturing, responsive, and set clear expectations and boundaries for their children. They prioritize communication and encourage independence while providing guidance and support.
4. Uninvolved - Uninvolved parents are emotionally detached and provide little support or guidance for their children. They may not be aware of what their child is doing or may be too overwhelmed to provide care.
1. When your child misbehaves, what is your initial response?
a. Punish them immediately - 1 point
b. Ignore the behavior - 2 points
c. Talk to them to understand why they did it and explain why it's not acceptable - 3 points
d. Give them a warning and talk about the consequences - 4 points
2. How often do you communicate with your child?
a. Only when they do something wrong - 3 points
b. Rarely, I'm too busy - 4 points
c. Regularly, we have conversations about their day and feelings - 1 point
d. Sometimes, when they initiate it - 2 points
3. How do you handle conflicts with your child?
a. I always win, no matter what - 1 point
b. I avoid conflicts - 2 points
c. I try to find a compromise or solution that works for both of us - 3 points
d. It depends on the situation - 4 points
4. How strict are you with your child's schedule and routines?
a. Very strict, they must follow a strict schedule - 1 point
b. I don't have any routines or schedules - 2 points
c. I have some routines and schedules, but I'm flexible if something comes up - 3 points
d. It depends on the situation - 4 points
5. How do you show affection to your child?
a. Rarely or never - 1 point
b. I buy them things they want - 2 points
c. Hugs, kisses, and verbal affirmations - 3 points
d. It depends on the situation - 4 points
Add up your points for each question to determine your parenting style:
1. Authoritarian - 5-8 points
2. Permissive - 9-12 points
3. Authoritative - 13-16 points
4. Uninvolved - 17-20 points
Parenting style can have a significant impact on a child's upbringing and overall wellbeing. Understanding your parenting style can help you identify areas where you may need to adjust your approach to better support your child's growth and development. Take the quiz to determine your parenting style, and consider seeking professional help or support if you feel that your parenting style is negatively impacting your child's development or behavior. Remember, every child is different, and finding the right parenting style for your child may take time and experimentation.


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